That’s when he stood up, wiped his tears, walked over to his desk
and got a pen and a notepad
He just couldn’t see it getting any better
So on a cold dark night in December, Steven knew exactly what he had to do
But first he sat down and wrote a couple letters
One to his step-dad, one to his mother,
couple to the kids at school, one to his brother
Bringing them the pain that they once brought him
tear drops on the paper one after another
Yeah, I hope that you all feel guilty.
'Cause I'm broken now and you can't heal me
And now you’re all an accomplice in murder
each and every one of you has chipped in to kill me
So the reason that I’m writing you this evening,
is to say goodbye and to tell you that I’m leaving
But don’t hold your breath ‘cause I ain’t never coming back
Sincerely yours, Steven.